Syrians Welcome?

Gov. Christie’s decree that New Jersey will be closed to Syrian refugees has been met with some criticism, including from the clergy. “He has no power to say what he’s saying, no power,” said the Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale of the Reformed Church in Highland Park. Kaper-Dale added that “a governor cannot tell us who we can let into this state or not. That’s not his right.”

Kaper-Dale has a long track record of helping refugees of all sorts find food and shelter in New Jersey. He points out that because of the time it takes to immigrate to the United States, any Syrian refugee would likely have begun his trek long before ISIS became an organized force.

Christie joined 30 other governors on Monday — all Republican except one — in saying that their states won’t accept refugees from Syria. This came as a response to French authorities saying that one of the Paris terrorists had used fake Syrian credentials to get into France.

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Syrians Welcome?

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