Walk-a-Thon Signs

Join Interfaith-RISE, a U.S. State Department designated official resettlement agency, for our fifth annual walk to raise money in support of refugee resettlement

Use our sign ideas below or come up with your own!


  • We welcome refugees
  • Refugees are welcome here
  • Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, karibuni, السلام عليكم, ברוכים הבאים
  • Open door, open heart
  • I come from a history of refugees and a country of immigrants
  • Humanity is universal
  • We were all refugees once
  • Jesus was a refugee
  • Put out a welcome mat for refugees
  • No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here
  • Here to stay
  • We are one people of the world
  • We welcome all refugees
  • Refugees are human beings
  • God says we are one
  • Help not hate
  • We walk for refugees
  • Open the doors
  • We stand for peace
  • Do unto others
  • Spread love not fear
  • Lend a hand, support refugees
  • We walk because they have already walked for long enough
  • No one chooses to be a refugee
  • I was a stranger and you welcomed me in
  • Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
  • Together we stand with refugees
  • Refugees are a blessing, not a burden
  • Let them in
  • No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor
  • Keep doors open to huddled masses
  • Only love drives out hate
  • We choose welcome

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